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The Original Tops uses only the freshest ingredients to hand make virtually everything you see on the menu.  We have been a family owned and operated establishment since the beginning and continue to use family recipes to this day, allowing us to create the most flavorful and satisfying variety a drive-thru has ever seen.  Though it only takes a few minutes to get to you after ordering, we guarantee there is nothing “fast” about our food.

Other Boast-able Food Facts:


Our Fresh Ground, Custom Chuck Blend is made from the finest Midwestern Beef.  Of course always fresh, never frozen. That is also what we use to make our delicious Chili from scratch.


We also use fresh ground, never frozen Turkey Meat for those insanely delicious Turkey Burgers.


As a matter of fact, all of our meats are graded choice or better.  That’s why they’re so darn yummy.


Our French Fries are hand-cut from Kennebec Potatoes throughout the day as needed.


On that note, our Zucchini Fries and Onion Rings are also hand cut, breaded and seasoned daily.  Never frozen, always fresh, always awesome.


Our Breads and Tortillas are delivered fresh, never frozen (are you seeing the pattern here?), and made with no preservatives.


Your favorite Spreads and Dressings are our own, personal recipes, made from scratch.  That Green Salsa?  Ours.  The ridiculously thick and creamy Ranch you dip your Zucchini Fries in?  We made that.  Thousand Island?  Blue Cheese?  The list goes on and on…


Our Bacon is hard-wood smoked.


Our hotdogs are 100% beef.


Our Chicken is white meat only, marinated over night in yet another carefully crafted family recipe.


Our famous Pastrami is made with an old family recipe, marinated in a homemade Au Jus (which takes over 24 hours to prepare alone!).


Our Tri-Tip Taquitos are hand-rolled (and the Guacamole you’re slathering on them is homemade).


Our Soups are made daily from family recipes.


No, our chefs aren’t magical (as far as we know).   But they are committed to building you the best possible meal as you order it – not before.  And they’ve got some pretty great grub to work with, wouldn’t you say?

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